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Welcome to Brown’s Plumbing & Heating! Brown’s has been taking care of its customer’s air conditioning and heating repair, service, and installation needs in Winnipeg, Morris, Steinbach and surrounding areas for 45 years.

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When you embrace the warmth and coziness of a home heating system, you embark on a journey of toasty, comfortable winters. However, to ensure that warmth continues to envelop your home, you’ll want to make ongoing maintenance your reliable ally.

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When you take the plunge to embrace the comfort of a home cooling system, you embark on a journey of cool, refreshing summers. But to keep that refreshing breeze flowing, you’ll want to make ongoing maintenance your steadfast companion.



At Brown’s Plumbing, we understand the importance of maintaining your HVAC system’s peak performance. That’s why we offer specialized seasonal maintenance plans, designed to ensure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment operates flawlessly.   

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At Brown’s Plumbing, we go above and beyond to provide a comprehensive Roto-Rooter plumbing service that encompasses everything from resolving blocked sewer lines to handling repair and replacement needs.

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Still searching for a 24 hour heating repair near me? Schedule a service appointment with the best emergency plumbing services company and the best emergency plumber in Winnipeg.  Browns Plumbing and Heating Winnipeg! I am not just talking about a burst pipe.  If you allow your filters and air conditioning coils to become dirty, your system will not work properly, potentially causing your compressor or fans to fail prematurely and no regular plumber can help. Changing your filter monthly and ensuring that the outside condenser coil is kept clear of debris will allow the air conditioner to function more efficiently. For your plumbing, heating repair, emergency HVAC repair, emergency HVAC services, emergency heating services and more sophisticated cleaning needs, no need to search for heat pumps service near me, or call any plumbing companies. You can always schedule a service appointment for your plumbing repairs and plumbing emergency for your plumbing system with Browns Plumbing and Heating emergency plumbers and technicians for all your common plumbing emergencies.

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Top notch. Travis was excellent. Answered all my questions. Very professional.



Our installer was very pleasant to deal with. While I was at work the he was very respectful to my wife and answered any questions she had. Very knowledgeable and professional, wouldn’t think twice about dealing with them again.



Kali was friendly, checked and cleaned and made sure there is no issue in our heating systems, suggested few options for improvement. Clean and professional job.


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