2023 Opportunity: Furnace & AC Upgrade for 29 Homeowners!

Upgrade -Brown's Plumbing and Heating 2023 Opportunity: Furnace & AC Upgrade for 29 Homeowners!


Dear Customer:

This is great news for your wallet if your furnace is over 14 years old, and you are planning for an upgrade. Because, yes it’s absolutely true…you can actually replace your old (and probably very inefficient) furnace and air conditioner as a package for less than you would have to pay at any other time of the year.

Please allow me to explain…

Every year, the months of February, March and April can “be tough” on my business. I can end up losing money during these “long tough” months and it can take me the remaining months to make up for them. I’m not looking for the same thing to happen this year. That is why…

My Problem Is An Excellent Opportunity For Your Home Upgrade

I employ great people and I want to keep them working during these long winter months. That is why I’ve decided to do something about it. If I can only minimize any possible losses during March and April, I will come out ahead of the other months.

Here’s how this (admittedly daring) offer came about.

Every year, the big manufacturers of air conditioners and furnaces have to forecast how many to build to meet the demand. Of course, they’re never exactly right. So, we’ve been able to negotiate special pricing. And, because of the quantity and time of year, we are able to offer special pricing on 29 units. This special pricing on 29 units becomes an excellent opportunity for you.

These are brand new models and they are NOT the seconds or“blems”or standard “builder”models. They are factory-fresh, premium air conditioners and furnaces and have a full factory warranty.**

So, if you buy one of these 29 new premium air conditioner packages (but only if one of the reserved three sizes I have will fit your house, of course), I am “giving” you the matching furnace and all I ask for is the $2,430 in labour and material and overhead it costs for installation.

Perfect Fit For Your Home Upgrade

Just call me toll free at 1-800-453-1180 anytime. I will come out and measure your home (and determine the availability of the proper size). Don’t forget, I only have 29 matched systems in three sizes. When they are gone, this remarkable offer ends also.

I will show you the real world price on the system that fits your home. Then, I will show you the substantial savings available now. And it will include all labour and installation materials. Nothing is left out!


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What A Really Simple Concept For An Upgrade

By letting you win big now, I will win at the end of the year.

I’m betting that if I make you an offer that is“irresistible”(at least it should be if your furnace or air conditioner is over 14 years old) I will accomplish two things:

  1. I can pay my professional staff to work instead of not paying them to sit at home.
  2. I will cover my rent, utilities, insurance and taxes during these challenging months.

If I can accomplish these two objectives, I will minimize my lost business and the rest of the year, we can both be winners.

Absolutely No Obligation

Even after your consultation is over, there is absolutely no obligation to buy. If you decide you don’t want to take advantage of the spectacular savings…that’s okay. I want you to think well of Brown’s Plumbing and Heating even if you don’t buy. Please read our 5 star Google reviews on our website.

You Can Buy With NO Cash

Consider this…if you decide to make monthly investments instead of paying cash, the entire amount of your payments might even be offset by the savings on your utility bills. It’s like “having your cake and eating it too”.

Why This Offer Can’t Last

You must act before April 30th. Here are two reasons why:

  1. I only have three sizes available. When all of the matched air conditioners and furnaces are installed in a particular size, that’s it. There are no more at this price.
  2. If I have any of the 29 systems left on April 30th (although I doubt I will), this offer still ends.

Here’s why…

The only reason I am making this great offer is because of the “difficult” months. My business always starts to improve in May. Don’t miss out on this limited special.

Give us a call now at 1-800-453-1180 and I will set an appointment for your no-obligation survey.


† Taxes extra. Receive a 96% high efficient Lennox gas furnace for $2,430 with the purchase of premier 13 seer air conditioner. Limited Quantity. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Special pricing is a combination of manufacturer and dealer rebates.

**Manufacturer or third party warranty coverage. Warranties require equipment to be maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Some limitations may apply. See store for full details.

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