5 Reasons Upgrading To A Modern Sugarcane Harvester Is Essential.

Sugarcane harvesting can be backbreaking work. In fact, the labour can be so demanding that it makes you consider if it’s worth sticking with it.

However, trends in Australia show that the cane-harvesting industry has shown substantial growth. So, now is an ideal time to keep plying your trade and reap the benefits of this sweetly lucrative pursuit. Pivoting and moving on to something else would take away your chance to pull in substantial profits in an industry that promises to flourish as the years go by.

As for the backbreaking–potentially inefficient–labour processes that stifle your progress and fill your head with doubts?

A straightforward solution to the problem detailed above is investing in modern cane harvesters.

What are Cane Harvesters?

Cane harvesters are pieces of agricultural machinery dedicated to harvesting your sugarcane crop. They’ll also partially process the crop.

Mechanically, cane harvesters will cut sugarcane from the base before removing the top. After cutting the stalks into billets, your cane harvester automatically stacks them into a wagon.

You’ll come across different cane harvesters. For instance, combine harvesters are a popular option–they needn’t be attached to a tractor. Other cane harvesters are incorporated as tractor implements. 

Below, we’ll explore five reasons it’s essential for sugarcane farmers to upgrade to modern cane harvesters:

1. Today’s Cane Harvesters Are A Modern Solution For Modern Times.

Recently, an ABARES survey found the financial performance of sugarcane farms in 2021 and 2022 had improved by 91% since 2013-2014. The average farm cash income from cane farms reached $190,800.   

The article citing the survey also notes that many farms have exited the industry. Yet, per farm that’s continued with cane harvesting, there are higher average yields than ever and increased sugarcane production.

These findings prove there are profits to be made through high yields. Speaking further to this notion is the whopping $1.3 billion cane harvesting added to Australia’s total agriculture gross value of production in 2020-21.

Of course, achieving record-high yields calls for enhanced processes. You could hire more labourers, but that stands to chew directly into your profit margins. Instead, you can invest in the best cane harvesters Australia offers and harvest sugarcane more efficiently than ever at reduced upfront labour costs. 

2. Cane Harvesting is a Profitable Niche.

The article referenced in the previous section also points out the resilience of sugarcane as a crop and how worldwide demand for raw sugar keeps growing. Cane harvesting, as an industry, has a positive future with many thrilling opportunities to increase farmer profitability via supplementary value adds.

One of those value adds can (and should) undoubtedly be a modern cane harvester. In an industry that promises to keep booming, you need tools to help you keep up with rising demand and consumer expectations.

Having the most updated, time-efficient equipment at your disposal can help you tap into this flourishing market. 

3. Cane Harvesters Give Your Farming Career Added Longevity.

3. Cane Harvesters Give Your Farming Career Added Longevity

A significant issue constantly plaguing cane farmers (until more modern times) has been the labour intensiveness of the work. 

First and foremost, you need to consider the toll you’re putting on your body and overall quality of life. Sure, you might be built to endure the rigours of hard work. However, you’re only human. We all have our limits and thresholds, and you want to remain at your physical peak for as long as possible.

Indeed, you can likely withstand the wear and tear of a decade-plus of cane harvesting. Eventually, though, gravity, biology, and the human body’s limitations will start working against you.

Investing in equipment like modern cane harvesters will reduce the wear and tear you’ll put on your body when working on the farm. 

Don’t get us wrong–you’ll still have to work hard with this modern machinery. In fact, cane harvesters increase your workload because of how much extra work they can do. The difference is, having this type of machinery will reduce the unhealthy strain it can otherwise put on your body.

We understand that you’re seeing things through the perspective of a business owner. You’re prioritising your yield more than your physical well-being. You’re happy to make this sacrifice because of what’s on the line. That said, your business stands to benefit from you putting your physical and mental well-being first.

When the day is done, and you (or your workers) have some gas left in the tank, it provides needed space to recover mentally and physically. When tomorrow arrives, you (and your workers) will be primed and ready to go. 

Comparatively, lacking the most efficient and modern equipment can cause labourer burnout.

Preventing physical burnout is only possible with the most modern and efficient cane harvesters. Buying outdated models will leave you behind the pack, making you and your labourers work harder than necessary, slowly but surely wearing you all down.

Alternatively, modern cane harvesters are as efficient as promised. You’ll be amazed at the ergonomic advantages it provides. The right equipment investment ensures all workers on your cane farm remain happy, healthy, and prepared to put their best foot forward. 

4. Less Can Be More With Modern Cane Harvesters.

The cost of living continues to rise. The same can be said for the cost of running a farm due to soaring energy prices. While an endeavour like cane farming can be promising and profitable, those involved must navigate many Browns Plumbing – HVAC, Plumbing agricultural complexities to succeed in the big picture.

Therefore, like any forward-thinking entrepreneur, you want to limit your upfront expenses while maximising your returns. 

While you might have always relied on labourers to help you during busy times, this practice can set you back when you depend on it too heavily. Sure, even with top-tier equipment, you might still require hired hands on your farm. Still, wouldn’t it be better to limit labour expenses to an amount that doesn’t significantly cut into your bottom line?

Investing in modern cane harvesters will help you reduce the cost of labour. Furthermore, this critical piece of equipment will enable you to accomplish more on your sugarcane farm than when more labourers worked for you.

One argument someone might make against modern cane harvesters revolves around their upfront price. After all, whether you’re investing in a harvester or paying labourers, it still costs money.

Our counter to the above point is that modern cane harvesters cost a fixed price that’ll be far less than the overall amount you’d pay to labourers over the years. Remember, your harvester will last a long time (as long as it’s well-maintained) while doing the work of several labourers performing manual tasks. Plus, you won’t need to pay your harvester a working wage. It’s a one-time investment. In other words, modern cane harvesters can help you spend less while earning more.

5. Back Your Business With The Best Available Equipment.

Your sugarcane farm is your business. It’s your pride and joy, deserving of the proverbial royal treatment. Thus, you owe it to your farm–and yourself–to have the best available equipment (within your budget, of course). We respect the desire to save where you can. Still, knowing when to invest in high quality instead of paying for lesser results is essential.

Modern cane harvesters are your call to action. Your farm simply can’t afford to do without one. In failing to make this crucial investment, you’ll fall behind your competitors and lose out on a wealth of opportunities to take your agricultural business to the next level.

When you invest in equipment like top-line cane harvesters, you’re backing your business and yourself. You’re showing extreme confidence in your abilities to get the most from your crops and laying a foundation for long-term success. 

Do the above few paragraphs mean you should go into insurmountable debt to invest in the latest and greatest cane harvesters? Not at all.

While buying new typically means enjoying a product with the most extended possible shelf life, you can find top-notch used cane harvesters at reduced prices. So, you have viable, valuable options if you’re on a tight budget but are looking for equipment to bolster efficiency on your sugarcane farm.  

Cane Harvesters Australia: Upgrade To Modern Agricultural Equipment With A Company You Can Trust.

Cane Harvesters Australia Upgrade To Modern Agricultural Equipment With A Company You Can Trust

Brown And Hurley Agriculture is passionate about helping people like you cultivate thriving farms that yield successful crops and profits for generations. Our equipment is second-to-none, and our expertise is unparalleled. 

We appreciate that you’ll have questions before you make substantial equipment investments. Thus, we’re here to provide expert guidance on anything you need to know. Feel free to ask us the most skill-testing questions–you want to be 100% sure about your equipment investment.

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