About Us

The Company History

Since 1974, Browns Plumbing and Heating has continued to serve your comfort needs with dependable and professional heating, cooling, plumbing services, plumbing repairs for any plumbing system, maintenance, and replacement. Customer service is our #1 goal and we are available 24/7/365.

Browns Plumbing Services is committed to providing premier comfort at affordable prices. Back in 1974, Geordie Brown started small in Steinbach. A few months later his son Garry joined the business. Today the company is owned and operated by the 3rd generation, Chad Brown. We have built our name on customer satisfaction

We have three convenient locations to serve you better; Steinbach, Winnipeg, and Morris. We are fully licensed and insured and look forward to serving you! We offer flexible financing options to suit every budget and we are 100% locally owned and operated. At Brown’s, we believe in giving back and provide a free furnace for a family in need yearly. We also sponsor a variety of charitable causes such as Red Rock Bible Camp, local minor sports, Stars, Soups On, Mennonite Heritage Village, Canadian Cancer Society, and Today House.

What We Offer

The quality you expect, the service you deserve, the price you want!

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Brown’s Plumbing & Heating

Organizational Clarity

Why do we exist?

Brown’s Plumbing & Heating exists to be a healthy team serving our community.

How will we behave?

We are loyal, team players and someone you would be comfortable sending into your grandma’s house.

What do we do?

Brown’s Plumbing and Heating sells, installs, and services plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment.

How will we succeed?

We provide high-quality, personal customer service by answering the telephone, respecting customer property, and always being honest. Together as a team, we strive to improve ourselves and our company.


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