About Us

Air conditioning Repair, Plumbing Service & Heating Repair in Steinbach & Morris, MB

The Company History

Brown’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd was founded by Geordie Brown in 1974, since then it has been passed on to son Garry Brown, who has kept it growing and thriving here in Steinbach, with a second branch that opened in Morris in 2009.

Over the years many companies have come and gone, but we’ve been able to stand strong and expand. This is primarily due to the quality of our people, our professional approach, and to the commitment we make to our customers. We recognize as a company that without a satisfied customer there is no company.

The bottom line is, we take great pride in a job well done. Our technicians take what they do seriously and we know we can’t stay in business unless we do everything in our power to make sure the customer is satisfied. This is the way we believe it should be done. This is what we do.

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