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Hybrid Heating Systems: The Better Choice

Heat pumps are a great investment. These modern options offer amazing versatility, efficiency, and environmental benefits. Heating and cooling capacity are combined into a single system that effectively handles summer humidity without drying out the air in the winter. So what could be better than the installation of an electric heat pump? A hybrid heating system.

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Brown’s Plumbing and Heating encourage you to reach out to us for information, recommendations, and a comprehensive range of heat pump services in Morris, Steinbach & Winnipeg. We’re 100% locally owned and operated, and after years of doing business, we’re very familiar with seasonal temperature fluctuations. With our average monthly temperature swinging from -2° to 78° Fahrenheit, maximizing comfort while minimizing costs is everyone’s priority.

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The right combination of HVAC systems can considerably improve efficiency and the enjoyment of the living space. A hybrid heating system partners an electric heat pump and gas furnace, utilizing the advantages of both while eliminating the drawbacks of each. The heat pump carries the workload during the summer and much of the winter. When the temperature drops, the gas furnace automatically takes over.

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Take a look at some of the advantages of implementing a hybrid heating system for homeowners:

  • Energy savings – Heat pumps tend to be more energy-efficient than gas furnaces. Rather than generate heat through a combustion process, they move existing heat from one place to another, keeping costs low. When the weather turns overly cold, the heat pump struggles. The furnace becomes the best option for efficiency and takes over demand.
  • Environmentally responsible – Making use of the most efficient fuel source at any given time uses fewer natural resources and lessens the impact on the environment.
  • Longer lifespan – Because two systems divide up the workload, they both tend to last longer.
  • Versatility – Hybrid heating systems provide benefits all year round, handling both heating and cooling needs. In the summer, the heat pump acts like an air conditioner. A simple valve reverses the flow of the refrigerant to switch to heating mode. You can decide the ideal temperature for the furnace to kick in.
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