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Indoor Air Quality



Another important factor in indoor air quality is humidification. The recommended indoor humidity levels in winter should be around 30 to 40%. Wintry cold air holds less moisture, and when it is heated indoors becomes even drier, setting the stage for itchy dry skin, sinus attacks, dry eyes, and the like. We like to suggest a steam humidifier as it is more efficient in providing humidification.

  1. Honeywell TrueSTEAM humidifier.  An effective way to humidify your home, even with a high efficiency furnace.

Heat Recovery Ventilator

The essence of proper ventilation is a continuous flow of clean, fresh air as well as the removal of stale, polluted air. These are also key factors in optimal indoor air quality and good health. By simply changing the air in the home we can expel excess moisture created by cooking, cleaning, and breathing, and other sources, greatly reducing condensation and preventing mold and mildew. All of the incoming air is filtered to remove dust, pollens, and other contaminants and at the same time, VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and odors of all types are expelled from the house, making your home fresher and healthier. Offering IAQ services throughout Morris, Steinbach & Winnipeg.

While your thinking of replacing components of your heating system, may we suggest that you consider an HRV. (Heat Recovery Ventilator)

  1. vanEE high efficiency. For the ultimate in heat recovery.
  2. vanEE gold series. Top of the line heat recovery.
  3. vanEE bronze series. A great choice for healthy indoor living.
  4. vanEE 60H. Perfect for smaller homes, or when space is an issue.
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We had an amazing experience with Browns so far, from the initial estimate up until the installation. And looking forward to dealing with them in the future with tune-ups and services. They are very professional, fast and easy to deal with.
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