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Replace Your Furnace
$0 Up Front
PLUS You save with a $3,597 DISCOUNT, AND no payments for 12 months.

Yes, it’s absolutely true, you can actually replace your old (and probably very inefficient) furnace
and air conditioner for at least $3,597 less than you would normally have to pay plus you can do it $0 up front and no payments for 12 months!


Let me explain:

To get special pricing at the beginning of 2024, we worked with our distributer to negotiate a special rate. These are brand new factory fresh air conditioners, NOT second or “blems” or “builder” models, and have a full 10-year manufacturer compressor warranty. Depending on the model, some have 10-year parts AND labour warranty to the original homeowner. This year we have 29 air conditioners available for this special opportunity.


Here’s how you can get a $6,497 96% efficient 2 stage furnace with variable speed fan furnace for $2,900!

If we have the air conditioner size you need, and you decide to buy one and have it installed by April 30th, 2024. I will give you a 96% efficient furnace. All I ask is for the $2,900 in labour and materials it costs to have your furnace installed.

Why Am I Doing This? The Concept Is Simple

Understandably, you may find this too good to be true. This “irresistible” offer will also help me accomplish two things:
  1. Help cover my utilities, insurance, payments, and taxes in the slow months.
  2. Pay my professional staff of 15 to work instead of paying them to sweep the floors.
If I can accomplish these two objectives, I will minimize my losses, and the rest of the year can be a winner.
No Obligation

Even after we completely explain the installation there is absolutely no obligation. If you decide you don’t want to take advantage of this spectacular savings – that’s OK. I will give you a precision tune-up worth $175 for only $89 since you were kind enough to read this letter and give me a chance to solve my problem. I want you to think well of Browns Plumbing & Heating, even if you don’t buy.

You Can Buy With No Cash!
You don’t even have to pay me right away. I have set up a terrific financing rate (on approved credit), and unlike most companies, we will not mark up the interest rate.


Consider this, if you decide to make monthly investments (as low as $149.501/month) instead of paying cash, the entire amount of your payments can be substantially offset by the savings on your utility bill. It’s like “having your cake and eating it too.”


You must act before April 30th. Here’s why:

  1. I have only 29 air conditioners. When all the air-conditioners are sold that’s it. First come first served.
  2. If I do happen to have any of the additional air conditioners on April 30th (although I doubt it) this offer still ends.

Here’s why

My business always starts improving in mid-May, and I can sell my air conditioners at 2024 prices this coming summer and still come out OK.

How do you take advantage of this opportunity?

Just call Brown’s (204) 819-4313. I, or someone from my team, will come to your home and determine the availability of the proper size. As of right now, I have 29 systems of various sizes and efficiencies. When they are gone this remarkable offer ends. First come first served! We will show you the installed price of your new air conditioner that fits your home, then we will also show you everything that is included with your $6,497 new furnace that we give you with the purchase of an air conditioner. Just pay the $2,900 for labor and materials to install it. Nothing is left out. Give Brown’s Plumbing & Heating a call now at (204) 819-4313 and set up an appointment at no obligation to see if we have an air conditioner that fits your home. Thank you for reading this rather long letter. I hope you will profit greatly because of it.


Chad Brown

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