WiFi Thermostats & Home Automation

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Professional Thermostat Installation

Have you been paying attention to the progression of thermostat technology? We have. Over the years, we’ve remained current with evolving features and tracked those manufacturers with proven reliability. We not only match our recommendations to the exact demands of your household, budget, and HVAC equipment installation but also work with quality products, including the Google Nest Thermostat. Give Brown’s Plumbing and Heating a call to hear more about the many options today!

Enjoy the convenience of WiFi thermostat service!

Square, round, or rectangle, modern models are streamlined, attractive, and include easy-to-navigate and customizable displays. While there are all sorts of fancy amenities, such as occupancy sensors, geofencing, and learning capacity, the number one reason to invest in a WiFi or smart thermostat is the ability to make adjustments from just about any place you happen to be. From your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, you have access to programming, information, alerts, and more. 

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Home Automation Products to suit your needs

In addition to Wi-Fi Thermostats, we also offer the current line of Google Products, including outdoor cameras, security doorbells, and Carbon Monoxide/Smoke detectors. 

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